Locally Made with state of the art automation

SolarHexx PV Modules are made in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Our products go through a three-stage inspection process throughout the manufacturing line, ensuring the highest quality along with our 25-year performance warranty.

Our Panel Lineup

Hexx Mobile


Designed for applications where portability is the  priority. Our sleek 120W series provides ample power for all your power needs, for both tenting and small campers. Sturdy aluminium frame provides protection and support.

Hexx Traveler


Our custom aerodynamic frame cuts the wind resistance down to a minimum. The Traveler lineup is specifically designed for RV and Marine use, and includes vibration dampening technology to prolong product life. 

Hexx Cabin


Whether a large power-hungry getaway or a small lakeside tinyhome, our 250W modules are a good fit for all cabins. Our largest module is light enough for one person to carry and install, whether rooftop or ground mounted.

Designed For Application

We craft our products to meet application-specific requirements. Our modules are robust, environment ready and each fully tested for the highest quality result. We only use the best materials on the market and source locally where possible, ensuring each panel outperforms expectations and outlasts the status quo. 



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